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The "I Can Succeed" Program

I Can Succeed (ICS) is an evidence based program aims to promote educational, emotional and social success among elementary and junior high school students.


ICS was initiated by Dr. Kopelman-Rubin.


I Can Succeed for Junior-High Schools - is an intervention program for student with learning disabilities and or ADHD and/ or at risk for these problems. The program trains home room teachers to a group work setting focusing on strengthening student's interpersonal and executive functioning skills. In addition the program helps school principle and educational staff establishing a safe environment in order to reduce student's dropout.


This project is an outcome of a fruitful collaboration between the National Insurance Institute, Education Ministry, local authority, the Learning Disabilities Clinic at Schneider Children Medical Center, and the School of Psychology at IDC Herzliya.


The program is being development, implemented and evaluated by the Learning Disabilities and Attention Disorder Unit.

Currently the program is being implemented in 21 junior high schools in the cities: Herzliya, Bat Yam, Or Yehuda, Or Akiva, Kiryat Yam, Nesher Daliyat Al- Karmel and Usfiya.


I Can Succeed for Elementary Schools - is a prevention program aims to enhance optimal conditions for learning with an emphasis on executive functioning, emotional regulation and interpersonal skills. The program is being developed collaboratively with Herzeliya municipality and the Ministry of Education. The program is currently implement in eight schools in Herzliya.


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Dr. Daphne Kopelman-Rubin

Head of the Learning Disabilities and Attention Disorders Unit


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