The Learning Disabilities Clinic

Psychological Medicine Department, Schneider Children's Medical Center


The Learning Disabilities Clinic at the Schneider Children's Medical Center was founded in 2002 as part of a vision shared by Prof. Alan Apter and Dr. Daphne Kopelman-Rubin. The clinic's staff includes a highly skilled team of psychologists and psychiatrists. The clinic serves as the clinical arm of the Learning Disabilities and Attention Disorders Unit.


The clinic's work is based on a unique diagnostic-therapeutic model that underscores the child's strengths and abilities, alongside a holistic approach that sees the child and his environment as equal partners in dealing with learning disabilities. The clinic's work has evolved from research-derived knowledge and clinical experience that has been accumulated over time.


The clinic's goal is to expand the knowledge pertaining to the factors that contribute and enable success despite learning disabilities and attention disorders, and the ways in which they can be implemented in the lives of the child and his family. Research conducted at the center focuses on the various factors that contribute to proper development of children with learning disabilities as well as the effectiveness of the various therapeutic methods developed by the center. The center attempts to disseminate research findings and conclusions in order to benefit children suffering from learning disabilities and their parents.


These goals are in line with one of the principles guiding the Psychological Medicine Department's work, which is combining advanced therapies with innovative research.


The clinic offers the following services:

  • Integrated psycho-didactic evaluation(including computerized diagnosis BRC/MOXO)

  • Short-term psychological intervention- "I Can Succeed" model

  • Short-term psychological intervention- IPA-A-LD model

  • Mentoring provided by third-year psychology students

  • Parental Training

  • Psychiatric evaluation  


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Tal Antebi

Learning Disabilities Clininc 

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