The "I Can Succeed" Program- School based prevention program

The "I can succeed program- ICS" for elementary school, is a universal prevention program that aims to promote children’s academic, emotional and social functioning.


The program emphasizes that student's relationships with teachers, friends and family, has a powerful influence on the ability to regulate mood and the ability to learn effectively.  These processes are interconnected. This updated conceptualization is derived from the research, educational and clinic knowledge that was developed under previous programs at the Learning Disabilities and Attention Disorder unit, specifically the I Can Succeed intervention program for Junior high students and the Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities (IPT-A-LD).


The "I can succeed program" for elementary school includes 18 sessions with the entire class + training sessions in small groups. The program aims to enhance student's executive functioning skills such as planning, organization, setting goals; interpersonal skills such as effective communication, I statements and taking perspectives and emotion regulation skills.


The program was initiated in 2014-2015 academic year, collaboratively with Herzeliya municipality and the Ministry of Education. It is being implemented in eight schools in Herzliya and the rest 7 schools in

Herzliya will join the program next year.