About Us

The Learning Disabilities and Attention Disorders Unit was formed with aim of realizing the joint vision of the IDC Herzliya School of Psychology and the Learning Disabilities Clinic at the Schneider Children's Medical Center.


The unit seeks to change the developmental path of children and adolescents suffering from learning disabilities and attention disorders, from being at risk for emotional and social problems to success, realization, and becoming productive and contributing members of society.


The unit is the product of a longstanding professional collaboration between the Education Ministry, the National Insurance Institute, the Schneider Children's Medical Center, the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, and several local authorities.


The Leading Team

Dr. Daphne Kopelman-Rubin, Director of the Learning Disabilities and Attention Disorders Unit, IDC School of Psychology and Schneider Children's Medical Center.

Prof. Mario Mikulincer, Dean of the IDC School of Psychology – academic advisor.

Prof. Alan Apter, Head of the Department of Psychological Medicine, Schneider Children's Medical Center – clinical advisor.


The unit comprises 30 professionals and researchers, including psychologists, counselors, education professionals, and social workers. 

The unit strives to improve the process of coping with learning disabilities and attention disorders at both the individual-family level and the national-educational level, by means of three different, but related, paths:


  • The Educational Path: Implementing the "I Can Succeed" intervention program nationwide and training education professionals accordingly – led by Liora Gashri-Rosinski and the "I Can Succeed" Program's team.

  • The Clinical Path: Offering diagnosis and treatment as well as parental counseling at the Learning Disabilities Clinic of the Schneider Children's Medical Center – led by Hila Argentro and the clinic's staff.

  • The Research and Development Path: Developing research-based intervention programs and training students in advanced degrees as well as pursuing collaborations with other universities in Israel and worldwide – led by the research team and our research and development partners.


The unit's flagship program, "I Can Succeed," is implemented nationwide and is sponsored in collaboration with the Education Ministry, the National Insurance Institute, the Herzliya Municipality, the Bat Yam Municipality, the Or Yehuda Municipality, the Or Akiva Municipality, and the Kiryat Yam Municipality.


Hila Argentro

Director of the Learning Disabilities Clinic at the Schneider Children's Medical Center


An expert educational psychologist.

She is a trained diagnostician and a child therapist, and is experienced in working with both parents and education professionals and systems.


For the past 10 years, Hila has been diagnosing children, adolescents, and adults suffering from learning disabilities, as part of her work in the private and public sectors. In addition, she offers short-term and long-term treatments to children and their parents. She also provides professionals in the regular and special-needs education systems training and guidance.


Hila has over 14 years of experience in managerial roles and project management. She joined the Learning Disabilities Clinic at the Schneider Children's Medical Center in 2010, and has been serving as the clinic’s director since 2013.